Retaining walls & sandstone

Welcome and thank you! Bring back stone to new with our powerful pressure washers! FREE window clean included - conditions apply

Thank you for coming to our site!! We are putting on a campaign to clean your retaining walls and sandstone. Here at Brisbane Powerwash we work with you and listen to what you are wanting to achieve. Most people will want to get our there gurney and DIY, we have industrial machinery and can complete the job in 1/4 of the time and have a better finish. Save time and effort and call us today for a quote. This Campaign we are offing for every large outdoor job of three hours or more ($330+ Job) we will also clean your Windows* inside and out for FREE!! Please reach out to take advantage of our offer.
*Conditions apply - Windows for a normal size home included, extra charges may apply for certain homes and stores with large or excessive window volume.

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